Rubico Games is proud to be part of PUNCHev Group - a collective of exceptional high-quality services catered to the video game industry!

Our Games

Some of our recently developed personal IP projects.

Pigeon Strike

We all have our bad days. You're late, your tire's flat, and you have a coffee spill on your new shirt. With Pigеon Strike you get to be the master  that delivers even more bad luck.

Egg Farm

What happens when you invite too many friends to your birthday party and you run out of food? Help the fox keep the pancake party going by collecting more eggs!

Zombie Brain Sort Puzzle

Are you out of your brain? At least not the right color. If other zombie games tend to gross you out – this game aims to develop your association and concentration skills.

Cosmic Invaders

Delightful dexterity game, offering you a classic outer space experience. Inspired by a timeless classic, this gem allows you to build a strategy while dodging shots from the aliens.

garden Escape

The evil toads are after you! Hurry and pick up the fruit! Collect all of the juicy strawberries evading the jaws of the enemies or get buffed and smash the evil frogs by eating watermelon!

Kitchen rally

Ready? Set! GO!
The mice madness is in full swing in the kitchen. Update your car by merging all the ones with your number and finish first in the mad mouse race.

Epic tattoo Removal

Pretty uncool, huh? I can help you wipe off that horrific merman on your back! And maybe this tattoo of your mom also has to go...

cat Ball

Oh, not the milk cup! This mischievous kitten is playing AGAIN on the kitchen table! CatBall is a combination of brick-breaker and pinball genres, represented in a very adorable style.

Snap Art

Love puzzles and art? Our puzzle game has the best of both! Assemble masterpieces in different styles and uncover new ones as you progress. A fun and satisfying way to enjoy art!

We are  an experienced and happy bunch  full of creative energy and crazy ideas!

We are lucky enough to be great at all asspects of game creation

Apart from fully developing our own unique games, we offer the following specialized services:


We help young entrepreneurs pitch their ideas by testing out their concepts as working prototypes. As a studio with long-standing professionals in the video game industry, we know how to meet your needs and create a successful prototype together.


Beautiful characters, assets, icons and illustration are the fudament of a good game and we know how to do them right.

for games

As a branch of PUNCHev Group, creating exceptional and functional UX/UI for games is in our DNA.