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Have an idea?

Take advantage of our services to
show your game’s potential!

Take your game projects to the next level!

We help young entrepreneurs pitch their ideas by testing out their concepts as working prototypes. As a studio with long-standing professionals in the video game industry, we know how to meet your needs and create a successful prototype together.


No need to juggle everything on your own - we have full-cycle experience with every part of the game production pipeline. Our design team has a wealth of experience on hundreds of projects under their belt.

They are dedicated professionals who ensure we bring out the best in your product's visuals by doing exceptional research, unique style exploration, and extensive art direction - all for you!


Your product is a mirror of your business. Immersive experiences and interface designs enhance a customer's interaction with your creation.

Our team consists of recognized exceptional professionals in the gaming industry, who deliver high-quality solutions, especially catered to your product.


Tired of seeing the same unimaginative style over and over again? Make your game stand out from the crowd by showing your customers that your product can be eye-catching, immersive, and addictively fun to play at the same time!
Stay ahead of the competition and improve your odds of being seen by millions!


Go beyond the surface and take advantage of our specialized services, which will take you through the entire process of improving the overall game experience, creating custom game art and interface design, and seamlessly building an engaging prototype that's sure to get heads turning.

Our Process from Start to Finish

We employ an array of industry-standard techniques, as well as a tailored approach to each project, to ensure the games we work on receive the highest quality custom treatment to enhance their odds of standing out from the crowd.

Step 1
Client idea
Share with us your idea and any supporting materials you may have.

Game design or pitch documents will give us a clear idea of the type of game you want to create, as well as specifics regarding its mechanics.
Step 2
Style Creation
We have an established pipeline to create the most suitable style for your game.

Our team of professional artists are well-versed and adaptable to a remarkable range of styles and will ensure the project receives captivating visuals.
Step 3
Levels Creation
We will create a core group of levels for your game’s prototype.

During the levels creation phase, we will make sure the player stays engaged and has a memorable experience with each fun new level they play.
Step 4 (optional)
Marketing Materials
Our marketing department has experience creating campaigns, presentations, and various marketing materials for social media platforms, shops, and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for successful branding in the field of gaming.

is this You?

Do you have any project you wish to publish? Our team of talented designers will accompany you through the process, bringing your business idea to the next level and increasing the value of the final product.

You are an indie developer

If you have a sustainable project you want to develop, Rubico Games have a wide range of specialized services to cover your business needs.

You have a cool idea you want to pitch

Our passion is to create beautiful and functional games. We will be pleased to collaborate and give life to your vision with our expertise.

You need a team of professionals

We will be your perfect extension with our unique internal solutions, processes, and tools, ensuring exceptional execution of beautiful projects.

Our team has the skills and experience needed to make your game stand out.

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prototype Examples

We specialize in creating game prototypes so that you can begin playtesting as soon as possible. Our goal is to turn your idea into a playable game, so that you can test ideas, see what works and show your concept in the best possible light.

magic Quest

Leap into a grand adventure of monsters, magic and mysterious portals! The goal is to move your character as far as possible through a dangerous path of magic gates and enchanted obstacles, whilst avoiding incoming monster creatures. Explore the Magic Quest's overworld map, risk life and prove your devotion to complete the mage’s quest.

Grand Racoon Quest

See the treasure at the top? It’s yours if you reach it! Help the noble raccoon knight get that blinkin' gold while avoiding the obstacles on the way up. Keep full control with highly responsive single-finger tap and swipe controls. A thrilling adventure awaits at every level!

Purrfect Blocks

Enjoy the classic arcade game hopping from cube to cube with cute jelly cats. Tender grass or desert sands – choose carefully where you land. And be extra cautious for the hideous monsters, waylaying on every level!

CAt Ball

Oh, not the milk cup! This mischievous kitten is playing AGAIN on the kitchen table! Cat Ballis a combination of brick-breaker and pinball genres, represented in a very adorable style. Hit the yarn ball – break all the cups on the screen, reach the highest level and score, simple as that!
John Doe CEO & Founder, John Doe Industries
“It is always great to work with open minded people who listen to your ideas, solve problems and think outside the box. Thanks to the structured and extremely professional approach used by the team at HYPE, we managed to reposition our product as well as achieve major business goals!”