Rubico Games is proud to be part of PUNCHev Group - a collective of exceptional high-quality services catered to the video game industry!

Based in one of Europe‘s capitals - Sofia, Bulgaria, Rubico Games is a studio with a team of long-standing professionals with a shared passion for making games.

Our Goals

The focus of the mobile game market has shifted toward beautiful visuals. We aim to develop stunning games that are also a pleasure to play.
Combining detailed 2D graphics with fun and unique gameplay elements will ensure our target demographic will remain engaged.

Want to know what we're baking in our oven? We're looking for great teams to collaborate with!

We're always on the lookout for opportunities to create memorable gameplay experiences. If you are a publisher looking for the next gorgeous title to display on the store, feel free to get in touch with us.

We'll let you in on our unique process and current games in development!

Games with Beautiful graphics sell more and establish themselves quickly on the market!

With all of our team members being high-profiled veterans in the video game industry, this leads to our skills and work capacity’s exponential growth. Our well-established pipeline, workflow, and knowledge, combined with excellent work ethics, make us one of the strongest teams in our field.