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Pigeon Strike

Hello there!
This game is playable only on PC for now!
Unity WebGL Player | Pigeon Strike


This cute hyper-casual game is offering you the chance to relax and get some lazy revenge while you test your reflexes and expand your poop reign...

We all have our bad days. You're late, your tire's flat, and you have a coffee spill on your new shirt. With Pigеon Strike you get to be the master troublemaker that delivers even more bad luck. This is what life is like in this concrete jungle. Of course, there are some disadvantages to your mischief - your wire throne can fry you at any time!

Release date

March 2023


PC / Web browser / Mobile


W / Up arrow key = accelerate
A / left arrow key = move left
D / right arrow key = move right
S / down arrow key = brake
Left-click / Spacebar = action button

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